Thursday, October 31, 2013

Auntie Anne's Pretzel Perfect @ Berjaya Time Square Shopping Mall

12.02.2013 - KL.  Berjaya Times Square Shopping Mall.  We come across Auntie's Anne, Im so dying for this since haven't had this for long time. So good!! :) but we encounter a very upset and bad experience from the super rude staff. You can see her face below!! Im so sick of it when this brings me back to that bad memory.  I feels like slapping her face now!!

Auntie Anne's

Snack PlaceAmerican Restaurant, and Dessert Shop
Berjaya Times Square (K-01-03B)Kuala LumpurWP Kuala Lumpur 55100

 So yum, lucky i come for you pretzel or else i will walk away and never look back! lol

look at this staff super sour face!! like her boss didn't pay her salary and you owe her a million dollar!! when i took this picture, she shouted at me and said " Hey! No Picture!! " very loud and furious!! as if i wanted to take her picture stick on my wall and lick her face!!!! Maybe she thinks i will snap this and steal the way she knead her fucking dough and i go home and make pretzel  selling next door to her kiosk!!  I just didnt get it, why she has to be this rude!! one snap of this pic and her expressions of anger for customer is consider verbally abusive. Maybe She has a poo brain!! 

2nd thought i was so piss off with the way she shouted at me "HEY!!" so rude!! who she think she is?? who she thinks i am, a homeless person standing in front??!!!! she shouted at me in front of so many customers. I was shocked and speechless! for the first time, i encounter this kind of rude woman and shouting to me as a customer! how rude can you get!? crazy!  I was so angry that she can't even speak to me as a customer in a polite way!!  She is super rude!! and showing her long and sour face all the way as if you owe her money!! she got serious problem!! 

 lucky i come here for food or least i will just walked away.  She will always be remembered and i will not go to this Auntie Anne's kiosk as long as she is there, i will go others, to avoid such rude and abusive people like her is not worth for me to pay a single penny to this kiosk for their business and services. People please regconize her face!! or she will ruin your good happy mood!!  she needs to go back to school to learn some courtesy and moral.   I hope she got karma one day!! a brave customer will shouted off her fucking face!! ( can you feel how angry i am now while writing this...) : (  

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