Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Restaurant NOODLE, SkyPark Subang Airport

06.02.2013 -  Skypark Subang Airport, Malaysia.  Restaurant NOODLES.  Served a variation of noodles with it signature gigantic bowl.  I was impressive with the bowl but not much to the noodle though.  The restaurant is cozy, clean and great place for family.  

We had Curry Noodle and Assam Laksa. Here comes our gigantic bowl of noodle soup! can't wait to try.  1st of all, when that gigantic bowl of noodle served infront of me, the noodle was only half that giant bowl!! DUH....i think if in that case they aren't serving that big portion of noodle, the bowl should be in medium size which would look more acceptable as i don't feels like the portion was small or been reduced. 

When i get my hand on my noodle. I find that my Assam Laksa wasn't that tasty.  Not assam / sour enough and the fish broth is very mild taste, just something missing here. Seriously i won't return there again if i have a better choice.   

If you prefer a comfort, quiet and cozy place for a meal and rushing for your next flight or journey.  Here might be the place.

 Curry Noodle

Assam Laksa.  Not even garnished with Mint Leaves! @@ Booooo

 My husband is too hungry to say anything!

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